T, by the sea.

Meet Tess, a personification of a sunbeam.

Think; sundresses, fields of wild daisies, straw baskets, earthy tones, coconut sorbet and early morning light. I also think if Tess was a song she would be Fleetwood Mac's "everywhere". She radiates a lot of light and lust for experiencing the world in different shapes and forms with dreams of exploring the towns in Morocco, devouring mangos by the seaside in the Bahamas and strolling through the cobble stoned streets of Paris . You would most likely see her at your local food or vintage market or maybe even looking after her little kitten Elsa, Tess is the sort of girl you would want to go strawberry picking with. On this particular day, Melbourne presented us with the most glorious weather, the warm sunbeams engulfing our face and backs . So without much ado, we took advantage of the day, purchasing acai bowls and heading down for a dip in the ocean, photographing whilst doing so.