Daydream and a half.

Lonely Bones, aka Lily Crisp.


These series of photos were taken on only the second occasion that Lily and I had met each other. Our first encounter, was at her gig that I was photographing at, a couple of months ago at an intimate bar in Melbourne. Inspiration was instantly embedded in my mind, after just one night of hearing her angelic voice, complemented by her electric guitar.  With her crazy hair, sun kissed skin, deep green eyes and intellectual views she was my ideal second muse,  just waiting for a sunny morning in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

We instantly bonded over music, in particular The Strokes and Fleetwood Mac, our love of history and the seaside, but most importantly our desire to travel the world but at the same time fulfilling our creative aspirations and necessities. I was there to experience Lily trying her first peach whilst she explained to me the magic behind how Lonely Bones, her first EP was created. Nothing impresses me more then the detail, passion and vulnerability that goes into writing, producing and then eventually performing self written music. This mirrors the idea, (that I truly believe) of the fact that 'music makes the world go round'.

Lily's EP can be found here, it's full of mystical and intricate lyrics along with lighthearted melodies, my ideal lazy Sunday music (my personal favourite song being 'Holiday'). The universe has big things coming for this girl, and I can undoubtedly say I will be by her side the whole time, either photographing or boogying.  

"We're all a bag of lonely bones sometimes".