réalisation par dreamgirl

Réalisation translation: Styled By, Made By. 

PLEASE DON'T FORGET YOUR BACKSTAGE PASS, KNEE HIGH BOOTS, FILM CAMERA, LIP GLOSS, OR PASSPORT BECAUSE THIS GIRL IS GOING PLACES. She has an ever-growing record collection, all her answers are either found in books or hidden in lyrics and her cure for sadness is to take a quick trip downtown to the local flower  OR vintage market. She tells people to always live there life like they are in a film (a Sofia Coppola one in particular), which means to take advantage of any passing scenery when the perfect tune comes on the stereo. That also involves singing at the top of your lungs to every song, including ones on the karaoke machine. Be passionate about everything, engage yourself in politics, smile at strangers, speak french, learn bass guitar and join a girl band. This girl has the world at her fingertips.

A little something different on the 35mmclub today, I wanted to direct and style my own shoot but switch positions so I was in front of the camera this time (so thankyou to Millie for making my dreams come true!). I am not sure if this will be a consistent thing, or just something for fun. 

Anyhow, for my birthday I purchased this Réalisation silk top and have fallen in love, I feel like a 70s Stevie Nicks! I love there whole concept about each individual item becoming a staple in peoples wardrobe and a timeless piece that you can forever go back too. Hence, why I thought I would dedicate a shoot to the top. Réalisation is quickly becoming my favourite label.


Steph x 


Styled and directed by Steph.

Photography by Millie.